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Dear Customer!

Pure Water - A Rarity! Water is life, something without that life ceases to exist. Pure and clean water yields to have health body and soul. Bottled mineral water is expensive, inconvenient and may be spurious. The other available UV based water purifies only partially clean the water as they cannot remove the hardness of water. Thus quenching one's thirst in real sense always remains a dream.

CAUVERY ENTERPRISES is a firm serving water purification systems equipped with Reverse Osmosis Technology and Nine Stage Purification from past 10 years to provide PURE and SAFE drinking water. Our product quality, service and commitment that has won more than 30,000 customers confidence across Karnataka

Now, we are welcoming you all to the “AQUA EXCELL RO”. A family of health and hygiene.

“AQUA EXCELL” is a unique product equipped with Reverse Osmosis technology and Nine Stage purification system. The result of years of meticulous research. It revives the refreshing taste of water besides, ensuring that it is absolutely safe. Specially designed for areas with hard water. The “AQUA EXCELL” makes water both chemically and microbiologically potable by reducing hardness, Total Dissolved solids and heavy metal contaminants like Arsenic, Lead and Mercury while eliminating water borne pathogenic micro organisms.

Henceforth, your “AQUA EXCELL” will ensure that every drops of water you drink will be the way nature intended it to be “Pure, Safe, Sparking fresh”

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